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Tires & Auto Repair in Provo, Utah

Brereton Automotive & Tire is a trusted name in taking care of your Automotive Repair &Tire needs.

Established in 1959, we have been providing reliable service to our customers for years! Our goal is to make sure we have "repeat" customers! We strive to be fair and honest with all who we deal with, even our vendors.

We employ ASE certified technicians who use their vast knowledge to repair a customer's vehicle.

Tires Provo, UT

We are an official Utah State Inspection and Utah County Emissions Station. We can renew your vehicle, with the On-the-Spot! Get it taken care of all in one place, for convenience! Contact Us Today!

We are centrally located in Provo at 241 West 500 South. Close to food and shopping. Close to BYU. Close to freeway. One block away from the TRAX station.

Brereton Automotive & Tire has been a trusted business in Utah County since 1959.

Automotive Repair Provo, UT

Bob Brereton launched his shop, called TBA: Tires Batteries and Accessories, providing service to Conoco stations only. It thrived, and in 1959, he bought a tire “recapping” business: re-melting and re-setting tire treads to lengthen their life. It was at that point that the name changed to Brereton Auto and Tire.

He not only sold good products but he sold good customer service; going above and beyond what is normally expected. Bob made sure Cory and Lyle knew what was expected of them when they bought the business from him. They carry on that same tradition of great customer service and quality care for a customer's vehicle.

We work on most makes and models of vehicles. With our staff having a vast knowledge of automotive repair, your vehicle will be our top priority. We use parts that you can count on to be reliable and reasonably priced.Schedule an appointment today. 

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